Russia’s Strange Prophets of Doom

William Echols


Following Moscow’s increasingly confrontational stance against the West, a number of people within Russia seem more at ease with the end of times than the far more prosaic problems to be found beyond their pod’ezds.

“Orthodoxy or Death!” A revanchist Russia risen from its knees. Fears of the Anglo-Saxon Atlanticist order. Aleksandr Dugin’s nazi-occultisist Eurasianists — “fascist-fascism” for a-bomb fetishists; woo-woo mystics dead set on civilizational crusade against the United States.

Then comes a fictitious civil war against a fictitious fascist government in Kyiv. Next, the Third Rome’s battle to save Europe “for the forth time” from enslavement or barbarism in its Syrian intervention (though perhaps no one can save “Gayropa from itself…or Satan). Rumblings of a third world war. Nuclear war. Armageddon…

Read the entire article at Russia! Magazine 


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