Avos is a an expression of hope against hope,  a personal quality in which one ignores the consequences of their actions and believes that somehow, someway, all will work out for the best. It is an expression of letting go of the reins and depending on fate. It is fatalism, a loss of agency. It is the reason why I am writing this blog, and it is what I am, at least obliquely, writing about.

As for me, my name is William Echols. I’ve lived in Russia and traveled around the post-Soviet world for the better part of the last decade. I’ve worked as a journalist, volunteer, teacher, and translator. I’ve faced death in a dying Kazakh town and found life in the bottom of a St. Petersburg well. A few more places and details notwithstanding, the arc of my adult life has, more or less, been formed between those two points. This blog, whatever it is and whatever it might become, is not a place for American in Moscow expat cliches or other trite, paper thin cultural observations. For now it is politics, but I can see it becoming something more, if I ever decide to write about the things I’ve seen. Perhaps one day…


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